Reviews“The Canadians have delivered with “We Are The Hammer” – an absolute masterpiece which belongs in every Metal fan’s collection. Newcomers of the Year.”
Tom Schmahl, Metal2Metal

“These guys have got it together… gritty, NWOBHM-infected true metal, without tring to be particularly flashy.” Album Rating: 7.5/10
– Martin Popoff – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckes,

“Over the past few days, I haven’t listened to another album than yours – it’s really an amazing masterpiece…from epic material, to up-tempo thrashers, to hard rockers – this is Metal Paradise!”
– Michael Kohsiek, Rock Hard Magazine, Metal2Metal

“Savage Blade teaches us a lesson that any metalhead, young or old, should memorize… the past will always come back to punch you in the face. Savage Blade is the hammer, and the world is their anvil. Album rating: 9.0/10 ”
Lior Stein, Metal Express Radio

“Canada has always been an excellent breeding ground for heavy metal. Whether it’s Anvil, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator or Voivod, the land of the Maple Leaf produces some of metal’s best. This is no exception with newcomers Savage Blade. A fresh blend of NWoBHM and classic U.S. Metal. Their first single, “We Are The Hammer” has already become an undergound hit. After hearing a couple more tracks from their upcoming debut album, my expectations are IMMENSE.. ”
Oliver Weinsheimer, Heavy Magazine (Issue #117)

“Savage Blade stand alongside Enforcer, Cauldron, White Wizzard and 3 Inches of Blood as standard-bearers of The New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. “We are the Hammer” is an absolutely brilliant album!”

“Your live show was awesome! Seriously powerful stuff. You made a huge impression during the Grenade Games in Whistler. Thanks again for a great performance!”
–  Monster Energy Canada

Compilations & Print Magazines:

  • Classic Rock Magazine – “We Are The Hammer” featured on the  “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal” compilation CD – Issue #68
  • Heavy Magazine – featured the single, “We Are The Hammer” on their CD compilation “Metal Crusade XVII” and profiled Savage Blade in Issue #117
  • Rock Hard – Savage Blade feature, issue #264

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