Digital 7 InchAs we’re nearing the end of our mixing sessions for the new album, we thought it would be cool to give you a little something to hold you over until the new record drops! We’re stoked to bring you the Savage Blade “Digital 7 Inch” Promotional Single!

We dug into the archives, and pulled out a couple of classic metal cover tunes that we tracked WAY back for fun – Saxon’s “Dallas 1PM“* and the Rods’ “Let Them Eat Metal“. A couple of great tunes from bands that have definitely influenced the Blade. With the help of our good buddy and engineer  Cole St. Denys, we dusted ’em off, mixed ’em up and they’re right here waiting for you…. it’s a free download. Pass it on. The songs are in MP3 format (CBR 320kBit)

Download Now – zip file, 22MB

Saxon -“Dallas 1PM” – from the album “Strong Arm of the Law”
Saxon are an English heavy metal band, formed in 1976 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. As front-runners of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they had 8 UK Top 40 albums in the 1980s including 4 UK Top 10 albums. Saxon also had numerous singles in the Top 20 singles chart. Between 1980 and 1987 Saxon established themselves as one of Europe’s biggest metal acts, they also had success in Japan and in the USA. In Japan, the single “Motorcycle Man” stayed in the charts for over 5 months. They still tour heavily and regularly. Their latest tour is their largest in the UK since the late 1980s. Saxon have sold more than 13 million albums worldwide and heavily influenced bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Sodom and Running Wild. They are renowned for their live act and are considered one of the finest live performers of the metal genre.

The Rods – “Let Them Eat Metal”
The Rods are an American heavy metal band formed by David “Rock” Feinstein (guitar and vocals), Garry Bordonaro (bass and vocals) and Carl Canedy (drums and vocals).

Feinstein had first come to mainstream attention after playing in Elf, with his cousin Ronnie James Dio. The Rods sound differed considerably from Elf, adopting a more traditional heavy metal sound compared with the blues-rock sound that Elf preferred. Their first album was originally released independently as Rock Hard in 1980 and the following year the band was signed by Arista Records, who reordered the album tracks and released it simply titled The Rods. In 1984, The Rods made their fourth studio album “Let Them Eat Metal”. Carl Canedy is also a producer of heavy metal bands, and his credits include Anthrax’s Armed and Dangerous and Spreading the Disease, Exciter’s Violence & Force, Overkill’s Feel the Fire, and Possessed’s Beyond the Gates

Download Now – zip file, 22MB

*Guitar solo on Dallas 1PM by Andy Parks.