• Tough riffs, savage drums, killer solos and some of the best metal vocals around. “Angel Museum” is thrashy, genuine, fun, cinematic and intense. Start to end.Eli Geddes, Nelson Star
  • These guys have got it together… gritty, NWOBHM-infected true metal, without trying to be particularly flashy. Album Rating: 7.5/10Martin Popoff, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, HardRadio.com
  • The two-minute mark of “Wasteland” sounds like the aural equivalent of a stunt driver swerving into oncoming traffic.Eli Geddes, Nelson Star
  • The Canadians have delivered with “We Are The Hammer”- an absolute masterpiece which belongs in every Metal fan’s collection. Newcomers of the Year.Tom Schmahl, Metal2Metal
  • Savage Blade teaches us a lesson that any metalhead, young or old, should memorize… the past will always come back to punch you in the face. Savage Blade is the hammer, and the world is their anvil. Album rating: 9.0/10Lior Stein, Metal Express Radio
  • Savage Blade stand alongside Enforcer, Cauldron, White Wizzard and 3 Inches of Blood as standard-bearers of The New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. “We are the Hammer” is an absolutely brilliant album!Hellspawn
  • Your live show was awesome! Seriously powerful stuff. You made a huge impression during the Grenade Games in Whistler. Thanks again for a great performance!Monster Energy Canada
  • Canada has always been an excellent breeding ground for heavy metal. Whether it’s Anvil, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator or Voivod, the land of the Maple Leaf produces some of metal’s best. This is no exception with newcomers Savage Blade. Album Rating: 11.0/12Heavy Magazine


Blades UP
Tuukka’s Tracks/Sony Music are proud to announce the release of Savage Blade’s new single “The Crossing”. An epic journey of classic metal, “The Crossing” is chock full of vintage riffs, old-school tones, pounding rhythms, insanely memorable riffs and wailing vocals. Having rocked stages throughout Western Canada for the past six

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Blade wins 2 Kootenay Music Awards!

2014 Kootenay Music Awards
Well, we were fortunate enough to walk away with 2 Kootenay Music Awards last night! One for “Best Rock/Metal/Punk Band” and one for “Best Live Act”. We then rocked a couple tunes from the new album with a fun acoustic performance. Thanks to everyone who voted, all the other KMA

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The Way of Metal: Free Download and Video

The Way of Metal
The Way of Metal is now on Soundcloud AND is available for download for FREE!! This song is from our forthcoming sophomore release, "Angel Museum", available on CD, LP and digital download on March 21st, 2014. Also... if you haven't seen the lyric video yet... here it is.
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